The Met Gift Set-Gourmet Jams

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A perfect & beautiful unique gift for the Foodie/Art Lover in your life.

Each set features 3 limited edition jars of jams inspired by The Met. Boxed in a heavy weight black matte box Ready to gift.


Unicorn Garden-7.5oz -a flavor sensory interpretation of the famous “The Unicorn in Captivity” Tapestry housed at the Met Cloisters. Pomegranate, Strawberry & Rose flavors inspired by the vivid depiction of ripe pomegranates, lush forest berries & fragrant flowers as seen in the tapestry collection . Taste is fragrant and fruity with hints of rose 

Salted Concord-7.5oz -A sensory interpretation of the famous wood block depicting the Life of Nichiren & his journey on the bold, wild & salty Japanese sea into exile on the Island of Sudo. Bold Concord grapes & traditional Japanese sea salt gives this iconic ham a charismatic twist. The taste is floral Concord grapes & a complex deep sea salt.

Forbidden Fruit-7.5oz-A sensory interpretation of the famed biblical paints of Adam & Eve This jam is inspired by this iconic story & many works of art which depicted the temptation of Adam & Eve among lush fruits found in the Garden of Eden. Taste is wholesome & fruity with deep Fig undertones.


Gluten Free

No High Fructose Corb Syrup

whole fruit preserves 

Handmade in small batches